Mukesh Kumar Sivakumar

ELVESYS (ELV), Microfluidics Innovation Centre, FR

DC5: Development of advanced microfluidics systems

Supervisor: Dr. Alexander McMillan

Co-supervisor: Prof. Martin Michael Hanczyc (UNITN)


I hold a BS-MS dual degree with a specialization in Physics from IISER Tirupati, India. I possess three years of hands-on research experience in Microfluidics, Biophysics, and Diagnostics, gained through working in both academic and industrial settings. My experience working for a startup in India inspired me to pursue an entrepreneurial PhD opportunity. I am looking forward to working on projects that are not only scientifically exciting but also have the potential to translate into a business opportunity that could be of great significance to the community.


École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris (ESPCI)

Duration: 2 months

Purpose: Testing of new microfluidic system design in real experimental set-up.

University of Saarland (USAAR)

Duration: 2 months

Purpose: Exchange of experimental and analytical expertise.